Good design is in all the things you notice. Great design is in all the things you don’t. — WIM HOVENS


Do you have great ideas for your business but are struggling to find a designer to help you realize them? Have you worked with designers before and you were frustrated with how they work? Did you have high hopes for your projects only to have them crushed by a non-responsive designer who couldn’t care less? If you are looking for a designer that can look after all of your design and web projects, then you have come to the right place.

I will be your design and web partner – which means I am here for all of your design needs.

Delivering high quality and affordable design services but most importantly caring about your business and your success. I am good at what I do and treat my clients well. I go beyond the expected to offer an experience you haven’t had before from a graphic designer. After all, this is how I earned the business title “My Amanda” – because every client gets to work with me, Amanda, and I strive to make them feel that I am there just for them. This is why most of my clients are still clients – they know I look after their business as if it were my own.


There’s no jargon, no missed deadlines and no overpriced work. I charge fairly, deliver on time and I answer your emails within 48 hours. When you work with me you know exactly how your project is coming along.
I am approachable, patient and understanding. I care about your business like it was my own, because without you I wouldn’t have a business.


I can look after your web and print design projects: branding, graphic design, responsive website design and development, ebook formatting and design, design for social media, business cards, business templates and all marketing collateral.


Meet the MyAmanda Team

I am the owner of My Amanda and sole graphic designer looking after the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe.

My clients come from America, New Zealand, Australia and everywhere in between.

My goal is to design eye-catching, relative, and sales making marketing pieces, but above all truly caring for my clients and their businesses. I have had many clients complain that their previous designer only half-heartedly did what they were told, and when the job was complete, the designer moved on. I have your best interest in heart, and can assure you that you will be getting the best of me and my services and 5 star treatment. I even will check in on you weeks and even months after our project is complete to see if things are still working well for you and to ensure you are still pleased with the work that I’ve have done for you and your business.

Hi! I'm Amanda Weber and I’m the developer with My Amanda who brings your design to life on the web. I’ve been coding as a hobby since the late 1990s and web development has been my full-time career since 2004. I’ve worked with small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, and even government entities over the years to develop beautiful, functional, user-friendly websites.

I have a varied background working with different languages and platforms, but I especially enjoy WordPress. Whether it’s a simple blog or a complex membership or e-commerce site, I love customizing WordPress to work for our clients!

Beyond development, I also assist Amanda in offering ongoing maintenance and technical support to our clients, so that they can run with their websites and continue to grow their businesses. 



Communicate your point of difference with a website that is unique and specific to you, your business, and your ideal client.


Stand up and get noticed with an unforgettable logo and branding. Get inspired and instill confidence in your clients.

White Label Services

Providing graphic design subcontractor services to graphic designers, marketing agencies, web developers and more.

Social Media

I will help you establish a clear and consistent look, feel and voice across your all your social media platforms.


Finally get that book published! Attract your target audience with an attractive cover and well formatted interior.


No more excuses! We will help you reach your full potential using your voice and ultimately improving your business sales.


Turn leads into customers with professional and effective marketing materials of all kinds- web or print.

Business Strategy

Have questions? I'm on your team and ready to help! Pick my brain about any business related topic.